Analytics & Insights

Applied Data for Business Insights

Sand Cherry consultants understand data analysis — and its impact on every industry. How does your business collect and leverage its valuable data? Every area of your business can benefit from a proper application of analytical tools and methods. Our consultants apply tested expertise to conduct in-depth qualitative and quantitative analysis of your business. We help you find and solve the inefficiencies in your operations, product development, marketing, acquisition, retention, and more.

Data analytics applies information to empower your business. Our consultants help you leverage your valuable business data. Sand Cherry helps you enhance your ability to make actionable decisions by building a precise data set for your needs.

Sand Cherry helps you use data to discover actionable business insights. How does your business apply data to create competitive advantages? Our consultants have the functional experience to implement the data analytics tools that empower your strategic decision making with accurate, relevant data. Improve your awareness of your marketplace. Sand Cherry’s data analytics experts guide you to a data-driven perspective on your business, your customers, and their experience.

Are you utilizing analytics tools to better understand your business? Streamline your organization at every level with advanced business intelligence tools and processes. Sand Cherry consultants help your team understand and implement advanced analytics tools to enhance your strategic decision making.

Sand Cherry Capability

Audley Webster, Sand Cherry Principal

“We’ve built a strong community of smart folks who are able to, with the capabilities we arm them with, bring a sense of bonding with the client.”

Meet the Team

Jennifer Bartlett

Jennifer has ten plus years of experience in the telecom, broadband, and media industries, serving in roles focused on product strategy, product development, and marketing strategy. With Sand Cherry, Jennifer has provided valuable product and marketing expertise on various strategic projects for our clients in the broadband and telecommunications industries. Talk to Jen.

Ann Quinn Kelly

Ann wields a unique understanding of data analytics, operations, and business planning, thanks to over ten years of experience managing strategy and implementation initiatives with broadband, media, retail and home services organizations.  At Sand Cherry, she helps our clients overcome the challenges in building insight capabilities and leveraging that information to create value. Reach out to Ann.

Edric Starbird

Having been a senior leader in operations and analytics with over 25 years of experience, Edric insures that the delivery of Sand Cherry results have tractionable, real-world impact for our clients.  He leads the firm’s efforts in conducting data-driven investigation and solution design that create efficient operational processes and enhanced end-user customer experiences. Chat with Edric.

Proven Plans — Real Results.

Analytics & Insight Consulting with Sand Cherry uses advanced analytics tools and big data to create valuable strategic opportunities for your business. Our consultants work with you to empower you with actionable data.

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Strategy & Planning

Position your business for success with a targeted business strategy designed, developed and implemented by Sand Cherry's consulting experts.

Business Process Optimization

See the results a more streamlined process can bring to your business. Sand Cherry can provide optimization solutions that provide results.

Initiative Leadership

Build customer relationships through actionable strategies with the help of an initiative leadership consultant from Sand Cherry.

Project Management

Open the doors of success for your critical, asset-intensive projects with a project management solution designed and deployed by Sand Cherry.

Digital Solutions

Give your business a digital advantage at every level with a comprehensive digital enablement and integration strategy by Sand Cherry.

Customer Experience Optimization

Improve customer engagement and enhance your brand visibility and loyalty with a customer experience solution developed by Sand Cherry.

Merger Planning & Integration

Effectively utilize tools and deploy strategic plans to direct a successful merger with Sand Cherry's merger planning and integration Solutions.