Data Insights/Data Integrity

Data Insights/Data Integrity

Data Insights

We help clients unlock the knowledge trapped in their data.  We discover the story within – about their business, about their customers.  About what’s happened, and what could happen.  And how to direct future events to unfold the story they want to realize.

We provide exceptional leverage of leading analytical tools and software by supercharging them with deep applied business knowledge.  We power our engagements through our rich experience in cutting through the confusion and getting to the heart of the operational challenges faced by our clients and their industries, empowering them to take action and achieve data-supported strategic decisions.

Data Integrity

We shepherd our client’s data along the full data journey, delivering the integrity demanded for confidence-inspired, data-driven insight and action.  No matter the source or the path traveled, data must arrive at the “doorstep of analysis” on-time, coordinated, reliable and accurate, ready for consumption.

Our team of solution architects, data engineers, testers, data modelers, and software developers are skilled in state-of-the art tools and technologies to build new, or plug into existing, client data processing environments.  And doing so all the while reinforcing key disciplines for proper data stewardship and enterprise-wide data governance processes.

Meet the Team

Eugen Brazdil

Eugen is a seasoned management consultant and data analyst focused primarily in the cable, technology, telecommunications, and media industries. At Sand Cherry, Eugen has led data analytics in a variety of roles, providing insights into developing business strategy, competitive positioning, products, pricing and operational solutions for a wide array of clients. Talk to Eugen.

Ann Quinn Kelly

Ann brings an integrated understanding of data analytics, operations, and business planning to organizations seeking change. She has experience managing data-focused and data-driven programs in diverse industries. Ann helps Sand Cherry clients overcome the challenges of building insight capabilities and leveraging that information to create value. Reach out to Ann.

Edric Starbird

With nearly 30 years of experience in critical business leadership roles, Edric has a deep passion for unlocking business value and driving business imperatives through data analytics and optimal data infrastructure. In his role leading our Data Insights/Data Integrity consulting services, he helps empower clients to take action through data-supported strategic decisions and to cut through confusion getting to the heart of operational challenges. Chat with Edric.

Proven Plans — Real Results.

Data Insights/Data Integrity Consulting at Sand Cherry uses advanced analytics tools and proven data architecture to equip clients with data-centric strategic decision making capabilities. Our consultants work across the enterprise data journey as trusted partners, delivering long-term solutions.

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