Strategy & Planning

Strategic Business Consulting

Sand Cherry consultants are business strategists, providing the guidance you need to create actionable strategies to drive growth for your business. What obstacles prevent your business from meeting its objectives? Sand Cherry’s experts work with you to understand your current and future needs. Our consultants assess your business strategy, analyze your business, and recommend areas for you to focus on or pivot from.

Our guidance aligns your business with its objectives. Sand Cherry consultants apply our understanding of your business to refine strategic objectives and maximize your opportunity for success. How will you surpass your competitors? Sand Cherry consultants help you clearly identify strategic opportunities and understand your competitive landscape.

Business strategy consulting with Sand Cherry empowers your business with the strategic planning resources to overcome the unique challenges in your marketplace. Do your strategic plans impact your marketplace? Guide your resources to drive results. Our consultants apply their own strategic planning experience from previous projects in a variety of industries including broadband, cable, wireless, media, and telecommunications.

How do you align your team to achieve strategic business objectives? If your team does not understand the objectives, they cannot achieve them. Sand Cherry consultants help you develop and implement business strategies that define your goals, unite your team, and impact your marketplace.

Sand Cherry Capability

Audley Webster, Sand Cherry Principal

“We’ve built a strong community of smart folks who are able to, with the capabilities we arm them with, bring a sense of bonding with the client.”

Meet the Team

Duane Dick

Prior to becoming a Senior Partner at Sand Cherry, Duane was the Executive Director for the internal strategic consulting group (Market Strategy Development) at both AT&T Broadband and MediaOne Group, where he was responsible for developing the market and business strategies for domestic and international ventures in video, broadband telephony, and high-speed internet access. Chat with Duane.

Audley Webster

Audley has over 25 of experience as a board member, senior executive and consultant to the telecommunications, cable TV, software, and information technology industries. At Sand Cherry, Audley helps clients develop business and functional strategies, centered around the clients’ customers as key stakeholders, data and analytics driven, and considering the critical tasks for successful implementation. Previously, Audley served in strategy, business planning, and operating roles at MediaOne Group and US West. He also was a consultant with Booz Allen and Hamilton. Audley holds BSEE, MSEE, and MBA degrees. Reach out to Audley.

Bridget Jones

Bridget has 16 years of experience consulting to a wide range of clients, and she also has operational experience. Bridget specializes in developing fact-based marketing strategies, and helping clients create and implement execution plans that focus on real results. At Sand Cherry, Bridget’s executive-level clients repeatedly request her marketing strategy expertise and her “storytelling” abilities for communicating with the Board or C-level teams. She holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Business at Northwestern University. Talk to Bridget.

Proven Plans — Real Results.

Strategic Business Consulting with Sand Cherry applies tested skills and capabilities of our seasoned team of consultants. Get the informed guidance to develop a business strategy that maximizes your business opportunity.

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Analytics & Insights

Enhance your business with actionable insights gained from the tools and strategies developed by Sand Cherry's data analytics consultants.

Business Process Optimization

See the results a more streamlined process can bring to your business. Sand Cherry can provide optimization solutions that provide results.

Initiative Leadership

Build customer relationships through actionable strategies with the help of an initiative leadership consultant from Sand Cherry.

Project Management

Open the doors of success for your critical, asset-intensive projects with a project management solution designed and deployed by Sand Cherry.

Digital Solutions

Give your business a digital advantage at every level with a comprehensive digital enablement and integration strategy by Sand Cherry.

Customer Experience Optimization

Improve customer engagement and enhance your brand visibility and loyalty with a customer experience solution developed by Sand Cherry.

Merger Planning & Integration

Effectively utilize tools and deploy strategic plans to direct a successful merger with Sand Cherry's merger planning and integration Solutions.