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At Sand Cherry, our team of consultants help businesses to identify, develop, and effectively manage strategic growth opportunities through a variety of specialized services. Our services combine our knowledge and experience into a consultancy known for delivering solutions to our clients’ complex initiatives. We help clients design, launch and promote their products, improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations, and improve their customer relationships — while applying the latest digital tools and strategies to drive growth, improve your customer experience and streamline your business.

Our services are customized to suit your needs. Our consultants at Sand Cherry combine years of professional experience with tested industry knowledge to help you design and deploy actionable solutions for your complex business initiatives. Sand Cherry’s consultants help you to implement solutions which can improve the effectiveness of your project management, develop insightful strategies for your business, and leverage the value of data, while incorporating the latest digital technology to enhance the efficiency of your business. At Sand Cherry, our experience and tested knowledge becomes your asset, helping you develop and implement strategic solutions that drive real results.

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Sand Cherry client-companies have relationships with nearly 40% of all households in the US and Canada through video, Internet, digital phone, and security services.


Our People

Nearly 70% of all Sand Cherry consultants have 10+ years of experience working in the broadband, wireless, media, and digital industries. Over 30% of all Sand Cherry consultants have 20+ years of experience working in the broadband, wireless, media, and digital industries.


Our Community

Our commitment to giving back to the communities where we live and work is 100% -- through our Sand Charities initiatives, we support our team’s passions through individual community service and corporate-matching

Vantage Points

Explore Sand Cherry’s views on some of the most crucial issues facing the broadband industry today. Our team creates these resources to elaborate on the dynamic changes in technology, content delivery, operations and other nuanced aspects of the broadband industry. Use these ‘Vantage Points’ as a tool for learning about the latest developments in broadband, cable and telecommunications.

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Stay in touch with Sand Cherry by following our latest blog posts. Our consultants and leadership team use the Sand Cherry blog to share some of their professional expertise, opinions and relevant industry updates. Learn more about what is happening at Sand Cherry and learn a bit about our company. Take a moment to explore some of our latest blog postings and get to know us better.

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What is it like to work at Sand Cherry? Our team is always looking for talented individuals with a depth of experience and skills. Grow stronger in the direction you want to be growing with a career opportunity from Sand Cherry. We aren’t just consultants. We are entrepreneurs, business owners, operations experts and more. Explore our careers page and learn more.

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