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Business Process Optimization

Operational Efficiency and Effectiveness

Sand Cherry boasts 15+ years of experience in process improvement consulting helping our clients implement strategies to improve the technical, customer and operations of their business. Sand Cherry consultants help produce and implement roadmaps to standardize processes across your business that improve operational efficiency and effectiveness, define your goals, unite your team and guide your resources to drive results.

Sand Cherry consultants use industry best practices to help our clients optimize their business processes on a wide array, ranging from closing gaps in performance, aligning human and technical capital to empower people and successfully streamline desired end state processes and to design business intelligence monitoring and measurement tools to track and manage all end state processes. Our consultants are ready to work with your team to ensure successful process optimization with detailed project management and hands-on expertise.

Meet the Team

John Calhoon

Drives business performance, operational process and systems alignment as well as automation to help companies realize efficiencies and optimize customer experience. John has led initiatives to help companies consolidate operations following corporate acquisitions, expand network capacities, transform supply chain operations and modernize product fulfillment for customers.

Megan Mccourt Merk

Enables cross-functional teams to advance new initiatives from concept into active programs such as supply chain optimization efforts and product quality improvements. Megan is a resourceful problem-solver with a proven track record.  

Ben Marti

Creates efficiencies for operations teams through relentless focus on business drivers and customer experience. Ben has successfully implemented large programs to automate back-office functions, eliminate technical debt and expand customer-facing capabilities that improves top and bottom-line performance.

Strategic Catalyst for Real Results

Business Process Optimization with Sand Cherry applies tested skills and capabilities of our seasoned team of consultants. Get the informed guidance to optimize your business processes and strategies to maximize your business opportunities.

Project Management

Open the doors of success for your critical, asset-intensive projects with a project management solution designed and deployed by Sand Cherry.

Customer Experience Optimization

Improve customer engagement and enhance your brand visibility and loyalty with a customer experience solution developed by Sand Cherry.

Merger Planning & Integration

Effectively utilize tools and deploy strategic plans to direct a successful merger with Sand Cherry's merger planning and integration Solutions.