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Business Solutions

Catalysts for Business Results

Sand Cherry Business Solutions help clients catalyze business results.

From market analysis and strategic insight to planning, solution design and program leadership, we provide the horsepower and ‘know-how’ you require to achieve your business objectives.

Our team of business professionals include category experts, seasoned consultants and experienced executives across professional practices in Product, Marketing, Customer Acquisition, Experience and Business Operations. We enable immediate access to industry-leading expertise and tools, best-in-class methodologies and proven delivery capacity.

Our work is keenly focused on driving business results and value for customers. What is the customer need? What is the desired customer outcome or opportunity? What is the customer’s experience and what customer value does it create?

Most importantly, Sand Cherry business consultants are recognized for our collaborative and positive approach to working with clients. We build up and enable your teams to be successful and we align seamlessly into your organization.

Our clients count on our team, time and again, to serve as a ‘business catalyst’, to enable action, accelerate progress and realize value.

Sand Cherry Business Solutions

John Calhoon, Managing Director, Sand Cherry Business Solutions

“Sand Cherry has a proven track record of driving real results against engagement objectives…and doing so in a manner that represents our clients well in their environments”

Meet the Team

John Calhoon

Leads strategic and business growth initiatives across the telecom, media, broadband and consumer services industries. His experience and expertise spans competitive market strategy, product and marketing leadership, customer experience optimization and business performance solutions. John has led initiatives to help companies consolidate operations, expand network capacities, transform supply chain operations and modernize product fulfillment for customers. 

Carolyn Rumbarger

Leads client engagements ranging from large program management teams in the data & analytics and enterprise network infrastructure space, to companywide digital transformations, and sales channel optimization initiatives. Carolyn brings new products to market, and develops change management, and learning and development strategies. Her experience and expertise spans industries, including telecommunications, hospitality and consumer services.

Megan McCourt Merk

Leads large cross functional teams to drive major digital network conversions and network infrastructure upgrades; deploy new products, set top boxes and user guide experiences; as well as supply chain and customer operations optimization efforts for major US cable operators.  

Strategic Catalyst for Real Results

Strategic Business Consulting with Sand Cherry applies tested skills and capabilities of our seasoned team of consultants. Get the informed guidance to develop a business strategy that maximizes your business opportunity.

Business Intelligence

Enhance your business results with data-driven insights gained from the tools and strategies developed by our Business Intelligence consultants.

Digital Solutions

Take digital success to the next level. Partner with Sand Cherry Digital to build your brand, drive revenue and engage customers.

Strategic Initiative Leadership

Build customer relationships through actionable strategies with the help of an initiative leadership consultant from Sand Cherry.