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Merger Planning & Integration

Merger Planning and Integration

Sand Cherry’s merger planning and integration consultants deliver solutions to help prepare your business for merger success. Not only does Sand Cherry understand the business but we will provide you with best practice perspectives based upon our knowledge and industry experience. We immediately integrate into and understand your business.

Sand Cherry offers a team of proven, experienced leaders across a variety of functional areas to help you seamlessly navigate through your merger every step of the way. Sand Cherry consultants work closely with you and your team to deploy actionable plans from close to your end goal, starting with developing merger integration checklists, to facilitating organizational realignments all the way to implementing your post-merger integration plans.

Meet the Team

John Calhoon

Manages product, marketing and business performance optimization for leading companies across the telecom, media, broadband and consumer services industries. These responsibilities have included leadership of Fortune-500 level corporate acquisitions and the resulting integration activity.

Ben Marti

Leads merger and integration activities for operations and engineering teams in the telecom and broadband industries, ensuring business process and technical architecture complement the needs of the business and the customer.

John Penny

Manages projects that span from long-term strategic transformations to quick-hitting customer experience revolutions. John leads projects in the operations and engineering space, from planning and execution to integration and optimization.

Strategic Catalyst for Real Results

Merger Planning with Sand Cherry applies tested skills and capabilities of our seasoned team of consultants. We help your team seamlessly navigate through your merger every step of the way.

Project Management

Open the doors of success for your critical, asset-intensive projects with a project management solution designed and deployed by Sand Cherry.

Business Process Optimization

See the results a more streamlined process can bring to your business. Sand Cherry can provide optimization solutions that provide results.

Customer Experience Optimization

Improve customer engagement and enhance your brand visibility and loyalty with a customer experience solution developed by Sand Cherry.