Digital Solutions

Strategic Digital Solutions

Create a digital advantage for your business. Sand Cherry consultants and practitioners develop and implement Digital Strategies that leverage the latest technology to grow your business, improve your digital experience, and streamline your operations. We help you answer a critical question — what is the most effective digital strategy for your business?

Sand Cherry creates holistic strategies for digital enablement and integration. We work with your team to optimize your business for digital success. Our tested experts guide you in an omni-channel approach to the digital customer experience, impacting all aspects of your business. We uncover opportunities to incorporate cutting-edge digital tools and technology into your business and its processes. We help your business gain a digital edge.

Our teams develop digital strategies that integrate new technology with your existing business strategy. We are equipped to help you plan and launch websites, develop mobile apps, and more. Sand Cherry is known for our ability to create effective processes for omni-channel marketing and leads management with a digital focus.

Sand Cherry’s digital solutions systematically ensure your business delivers an integrated and consistent customer experience that strengthens your customer relationships. We help you stay focused on key performance indicators and metrics using a KPI dashboard that measures the impacts of your digital programs. Sand Cherry’s digital teams work with your team to create and execute a digital strategy that integrates the latest developments in digital marketing and technology to positively impact your entire business.

Meet the Team

Cass Baker

Cass has over twenty year of developing digital marketing and sales solutions for brands in industries such as telecommunications, financial services, insurance, automotive and healthcare. Cass was also a founding member of Leapfrog, successfully building digital performance marketing company Leapfrog. He has lead client relationships, business development, product, digital media and data practices. Cass is now Managing Director of Sand Cherry Digital Solutions. Talk to Cass. Talk to Cass.

Carolyn Rumbarger

Carolyn has over 20 years of sales and marketing experience in the broadband industry. At Sand Cherry, Carolyn has led numerous client engagements to optimize sales channels, launch new products, develop acquisition strategies, build call centers, design eCommerce offers and content management processes, and lead merger and acquisition teams. Reach out to Carolyn.

Robert Wharton

As a Senior Partner at Sand Cherry, Robert has over 20 years of marketing, sales and competitive strategy experience. He’s led numerous client initiatives focused on developing and optimizing digital sales channels (online, mobile, SEM, SEO and social media), designing omni-channel leads management processes  and using digital interactions to elevate customer experiences. Chat with Robert. 

Proven Plans — Real Results.

Sand Cherry’s Digital Solutions design and launch comprehensive strategies to help businesses tackle the complexities of digital enablement and integration. With Sand Cherry, our skill set is your asset.

Strategy & Planning

Position your business for success with a targeted business strategy designed, developed and implemented by Sand Cherry's consulting experts.

Data Insights/
Data Integrity

Enhance your business results with data-driven insights gained from the tools and strategies developed by our data integrity and insights consultants.

Business Process Optimization

See the results a more streamlined process can bring to your business. Sand Cherry can provide optimization solutions that provide results.

Initiative Leadership

Build customer relationships through actionable strategies with the help of an initiative leadership consultant from Sand Cherry.

Project Management

Open the doors of success for your critical, asset-intensive projects with a project management solution designed and deployed by Sand Cherry.

Customer Experience Optimization

Improve customer engagement and enhance your brand visibility and loyalty with a customer experience solution developed by Sand Cherry.

Merger Planning & Integration

Effectively utilize tools and deploy strategic plans to direct a successful merger with Sand Cherry's merger planning and integration Solutions.