Project Management

Effectively Manage Projects

Sand Cherry consultants are experienced project managers, providing the leadership and skills to streamline your project management processes. What obstacles are blocking your business’ critical projects? Our expertise in developing efficient, cost-effective project management solutions can be a resource for your business to overcome challenges in your project management processes.

The consultants at Sand Cherry give your team the guidance to adopt and follow a customized project management process, maximizing your operational efficiency and improving your results. How does your team communicate critical project information? When you work with the project management consultants at Sand Cherry, we help you effectively coordinate your project teams on critical business initiatives.

We consultants at Sand Cherry each bring our own project management experience. That experience comes from overcoming the unique obstacles in our past projects working in various industries, including telecommunications, broadband, cable, and media. From impending deadlines to budgetary constraints and beyond, our consultants understand how to step into your business, understand its needs, and manage your challenging projects efficiently to ensure they effectively drive your business.

Does your business seem to face recurring project management obstacles? We can lead your team to agile project management that ensures your business’ future innovation efforts are better than the status quo. Sand Cherry maximizes your opportunity for more effective project management.

Meet the Team

Monique Bell

Monique has over 15 years of experience in the cable, telecommunications and media industries. Her experiences include finance, strategy, product marketing, and sales channel optimization. At Sand Cherry Monique has been managing product implementations in multiple markets allowing clients to expand their customer base and offerings within the market. Talk to Monique.

John Penny

John is a Director with over 10 years of experience with Sand Cherry. He is on the leadership team of Sand Cherry’s operations practice and has completed projects that run the gamut, from quick hitting bench-marking analysis to long term strategic transformations. Reach out to John. 

Shannon Saviers

Shannon has over 25 years of experience in the cable, telecommunications and media industries. She has successfully led integration and consolidation work in the areas of Supply Chain, Field Operations, Product, and Corporate Services. Her specialty is operationalization of large transformation/integration initiatives and product launches. Chat with Shannon.

Proven Plans — Real Results.

Our project management strategies are created using the tested knowledge and hands-on experience of Sand Cherry’s veteran consultants. Give your project management processes an overhaul with help from the experts at Sand Cherry.

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Strategy & Planning

Position your business for success with a targeted business strategy designed, developed and implemented by Sand Cherry's consulting experts.

Analytics & Insights

Enhance your business with actionable insights gained from the tools and strategies developed by Sand Cherry's data analytics consultants.

Business Process Optimization

See the results a more streamlined process can bring to your business. Sand Cherry can provide optimization solutions that provide results.

Initiative Leadership

Build customer relationships through actionable strategies with the help of an initiative leadership consultant from Sand Cherry.

Digital Solutions

Give your business a digital advantage at every level with a comprehensive digital enablement and integration strategy by Sand Cherry.

Customer Experience Optimization

Improve customer engagement and enhance your brand visibility and loyalty with a customer experience solution developed by Sand Cherry.

Merger Planning & Integration

Effectively utilize tools and deploy strategic plans to direct a successful merger with Sand Cherry's merger planning and integration Solutions.