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Jason Dorsey – Keynote Speaker, 2016 Summer Workshop

Jason Dorsey Selfie

Of course we got a selfie with Jason Dorsey!

This July Sand Cherries from all over the country traveled to Keystone, Colorado for the annual Sand Cherry Summer Workshop. We like to take advantage of the time that we have together by working on team bonding, workforce education and company updates. This year’s theme was “Mind the Gap,” to encourage our multigenerational workforce to learn about each other’s generation’s, how they operate in the workplace, and how we can translate this to interactions with our clients.

We were lucky enough to land a generational kinectics expert as our keynote speaker. Jason Dorsey brought his knowledge all the way to Keystone to help us understand our Sand Cherry team, from our solo Gen Z-er to our Boomers. Jason helped us understand how each generation is defined and how to relate to them and why it is important to them. This helped us start the conversation and to value what we can get out of it. He encourages us to acknowledge that there are differences, to remember that differences aren’t bad, but to embrace the strengths of each generation and how to leverage them in our work. This translates to client work too. How can we as consultants better ourselves in our multigenerational workplaces for the clients too? How can we continue to stand out and represent Sand Cherry and what makes us the best? Jason helped us move forward.

Additional fun things our Summer Workshop included was a panel discussion called “Stump the Boomers” and “Stump the Millenials.” We learned a lot about what each generation has never heard of, or experienced before. We also learned that a millenial would rather lose a wallet than a cell phone. However, a boomer could never figure out how to direct message on Instagram. Fun and educational! We also had a great time showing off our company culture with making a music video! We learned – neither generation is right, or wrong. See it here.

Jason was kind enough to speak about Sand Cherry specifically in this video. Watch it out to see what he has to say. He has some fun Boomer/Millenial jokes at the end!