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Sand Cherry’s CES Recap and Highlights


Sand Cherry was fortunate enough to spend a few days at CES 2018, held January 9-12 in Las Vegas, Nevada, and we were excited by not just the technological advancements and trends, but how integrated our clients’ industries were in this year’s show.  The team at Sand Cherry continues to be impressed with our industries and look forward to seeing where technology is headed each year at CES and how it can impact our business and customers.  Let’s take a look at the 5 major highlights of this year’s show.  Want more?  Check out our full recap here, which combines a synthesis of news from the event, our thoughts from the show floor, and features interviews of industry leaders by CTAM’s Leslie Ellis.

  • Voice UI – Hey, Google!
    • For the first time, Google came to CES and attended in only the way Google can – with force.  Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa based voice UI integration was showcased in the vast majority of major device categories at CES.  However, Google still trails in the voice assistant market to Amazon Alexa, which has almost 70% of the smart speaker market share; Google’s significant physical presence at the show clearly demonstrated the company’s commitment to closing this gap in 2018.
  • The Smart City? – Future of IoT
    • Smart Homes and the Internet of Things have been around for a while, but CES 2018 saw a spike in other ‘smart’ areas of living – autonomous cars, smart cities, and the goal of a fully connected life.
  • Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality?
    • The uses of VR headsets continues to grow, especially in company training applications, but this year had a jump in Augmented Reality – overlaying screens, images, and apps on our real world views.
  • Artificial Intelligence
    • Data, data, data. It’s no good unless it can be used effectively.  AI and machine learning, or the ability to make calculations as humans do, need more data to become effective in the many devices that are integrating AI into their algorithms.
  • Where is 5G?
    • The technology is here, so why isn’t 5G making a bigger splash with the connected world at CES 2018? It appears the hardware is simply not ready yet, but CES 2019 could prove to be the breakout year for 5G.

We hope you enjoyed this recap of CES 2018 and look forward to hearing more about some of the exciting things you are working on in 2018!