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Business & Customer Operations

Improve Operational Efficiency & Effectiveness

Sand Cherry’s Business & Customer Operations team combines experienced consulting with proven management skills to comprehensively streamline the efficiency of your business. What’s the best way to optimize resources for a business? Your business might be struggling to leverage all of its available resources. Sand Cherry consultants develop and execute plans to optimize your business.

Our solutions help you get the most out of your current resources, while finding new opportunities to improve operational efficiency. How do you identify procedural bottlenecks? All business operations have obstacles. Sand Cherry’s Business & Customer Operations consultants apply tested methods to streamline operations, identify cost-saving opportunities and improve customer experience for your business.

Our consultants craft effective solutions for obstacles in your business and customer operations processes. Sand Cherry integrates with every level of your business to improve the experience for your customers and staff. We provide more than advice and guidance. Our consultants are ready to work with your team to ensure successful implementation with detailed project management and hands-on expertise.

Deliver an improved customer experience. Rebuild your business and customer operations processes from a customer’s point-of-view. Standardize procedures across your business. Improve operational efficiency and effectiveness. Sand Cherry’s Business & Customer Operations consultants provide you with the guidance and support to assess, define and implement strategies to improve your technical, customer, and business operations.

Sand Cherry Business & Customer Operations

Lisa Boland, Sand Cherry Partner

“We understand that change can be challenging. Because of our understanding of different cultures, we can come in and work with different kinds of companies, different people, different levels of the organization, and help them manage through that change so you come out the other side a stronger, more efficient company.”

Meet the Team

Lisa Boland

Lisa brings a deep understanding of customer operations challenges in the broadband, telecommunications and cable industries to the Sand Cherry team. Her experience as a customer operations expert and Vice President for two major broadband, cable and telecom companies provides her with an understanding of the unique obstacles facing businesses in these industries.

Maria Kernen

Maria brings over 20 years of experience in the broadband, telecom, cable, internet and media industries handling strategic customer operations initiatives, and managing product development. At Sand Cherry, Maria provides a valuable insight and enables clients to solve their business and customer operations challenges.

Edric Starbird

At Sand Cherry, Edric has helped clients create and implement business and customer operations improvements. Prior to joining our team, he earned a depth of industry experience as an executive director and VP of Operations for several large companies in the broadband, cable and telecom industries.

Proven Plans — Real Results

Your business needs a solution that works. Our consultants have the experience and resources to maximize your opportunity for success. Learn more about Sand Cherry’s Business & Customer Operations solutions.

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Product Innovation and Leadership

Eliminate inefficiencies with product development and gain valuable insights with the help of Sand Cherry's product innovation and leadership consulta


Design, build, refine, deploy and market products with a streamlined product and marketing strategy from Sand Cherry's expert consultants.

Customer Acquisition & Retention

Revitalize your customer acquisition plans and improve retention of existing customers with a personalized strategy created by Sand Cherry.