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Marketing with a Competitive Edge

Sand Cherry’s Marketing solutions help businesses efficiently develop and market new products. Our consultants apply proven expertise to create and implement effective solutions for businesses interested in developing their product portfolio, optimizing product performance and bringing new products to market. The Sand Cherry team provides comprehensive support and leadership to companies across a variety of industries, including broadband, media, data and telecommunications. How confident are you in your product strategies and processes? Our consultants utilize years of experience to help businesses create and implement successful product development and marketing solutions. Sand Cherry helps you position your new products for success in your market.

Our Marketing experts enable your business find its competitive edge, and use it. Sand Cherry consultants help your business discover new opportunities to leverage its competitive advantages. When you work with Sand Cherry, you have access to the expertise, insight, and tactical resources necessary to successfully develop, deploy and market new products to your customers. Our tested methods and proven track record of success in building, refining and launching marketing plans set our team apart. How is your business positioned for success? Sand Cherry helps you define the strategy, chart the course, develop ideas into launch-ready products, and optimize market performance — with real results.

Sand Cherry Product & Marketing

John Calhoon, Sand Cherry Partner

“The real difference at Sand Cherry is that we’ve been there before. It’s the difference between knowing what it takes to be successful in the marketplace.”

Meet the Team

Jennifer Bartlett

Jennifer has ten plus years of experience in the telecom, broadband, and media industries, serving in roles focused on product strategy, product development, and marketing strategy. With Sand Cherry, Jennifer has provided valuable product and marketing expertise on various strategic projects for our clients in the broadband and telecommunications industries.

Shannon Boyle

Shannon Boyle brings experience with the finance, broadband, telecom, wireless and media industries into her work at Sand Cherry. Having served as a Senior Vice President for Online Sales & Marketing at Wells Fargo, Shannon has helped Sand Cherry clients understand their product and marketing process at a digital level.

Traci Gerth

With over 19 years of experience in the media and broadband industry, both in consumer and B2B environments, Traci’s leadership drives effective results for Sand Cherry clients in the areas of business operations, sales and marketing. Applying a customer-focused approach, she tackles challenges in business strategy, process improvement and standardization, customer journey design and scaling organizations to support growth.

Proven Plans — Real Results.

A true solution is a proven one. Learn more about the effective Product & Marketing solutions Sand Cherry consultants create and implement for our clients and their businesses.

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Product Innovation and Leadership

Eliminate inefficiencies with product development and gain valuable insights with the help of Sand Cherry's product innovation and leadership consulta

Business & Customer Operations

Increase your business' operational efficiency with a strategic solution from Sand Cherry's Business & Customer Operations consultants.

Customer Acquisition & Retention

Revitalize your customer acquisition plans and improve retention of existing customers with a personalized strategy created by Sand Cherry.